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March 17th, 2022
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Meet CrowdSec services partners and join the squad!

From day one, open-source has been a key pillar of CrowdSec. Our team works full-time on editing open-source software and actively promoting community building and development. But, to be able to spread the love broader, we rely on our international network of partners who are in charge of providing exceptional support to our clients.

Today, we are happy to put the spotlight on some of them and encourage you to explore their services:

Mikado Labs 🇫🇷 

Mikado Labs is a consulting firm in the creation of digital services, specializing in the Cloud, DevOps, and ServiceNow. They support their clients in all phases of infrastructure projects, from auditing to hosting.

Lawrence Technology Services 🇺🇸

Lawrence Technology Services specialize in services such as infrastructure wiring, website development, business integration, Windows Server support. They also host a very cool YouTube channel where they talk about their products, services and publish IT tutorials.

Soltecsis 🇪🇸 

Soltecsis is a technology company focused on IT and telecommunications. Their main objective is to offer high-quality solutions to our customers in order to ensure that their investments in technology lead to an improvement in performance and productivity.

Sekera 🇲🇦 

Sekera is a group specialized in cybersecurity and risk management which operates in the field of services and solutions development, with an international team of more than 30 consultants specialized in the field of information systems security (ISS).

BMT Dist 🇧🇬 

BMT is providing IT Infrastructure Management Services. They work as a strategic partner to numerous organizations—small to large businesses—in delivering top-quality hardware, software, and IT services.

Learn Linux TV 🇺🇸 

Want to learn Linux? You came to the right place. Learn Linux TV is a YouTube channel that aims to provide Linux-related content, focusing on learning. It features Linux tutorials, distribution reviews, complete guides, and CrowdSec of course!

Monkey Tree Hosting 🇬🇧 

Monkey Tree Hosting is a web hosting, communications and hosted desktop provider, with a complement of system architecture and hosting consultancy services. They are specialized in cloud services and complete IT solutions.

Cylon Consulting 🇿🇦 

Cylon’s job is to effectively cover your organization’s IT Infrastructure, from analysis to support. From phase 1, they will see your IT strategy through deployment while streamlining infrastructure and program management.

CyberMind 🇫🇷 

CyberMind offers specific free software development and custom cyber security solution for your information systems. They have been heavily involved in contributing to open-source software and ported the CrowdSec agent and firewall bouncers to OpenWrt.

Dedisoft  🇫🇷 

Dédicace Software is a system and hardware solution integrator. They provide targeted and customized IT solutions to help companies in the installation, supervision, and complete maintenance of the information system.

To support our growth, we are looking for new partners to join our collaborative security adventure and help us in our mission of making security available to all.

If you are an MSP/MSSP, Integrator, Distributor, Agency, Consulting, Hosting, or Technology company, feel free to reach out to our Head of Partnerships, Andrea Mijuskovic to discuss different opportunities.

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