Chief Marketing Officer

Experience required Global: minimum 10 years, CMO: 2 years
Specific experience in B2B Scale-ups: 2 years
Location France or abroad (max time zone difference +/- 4 hours)
Work from homeYes, the company functions in full-remote mode
LanguagesFrench C1 + English C1 (minimum) or C2 (preferable)
SkillsetVery strong: multi-channel acquisition strategy, digital marketing
Strong: branding, marketing automation, inbound marketing
Good: events, PR, communications, content
RequirementsResult oriented, KPI driven, efficient, organized, autonomy, organized, flexible.
You are both a doer and a leader with a very strong international background. You think long term and love to automate most tasks.
PlusKnowledge in cybersecurity and/or open source.


You are the owner of the company’s interface with the world.

You will have to generate exceptional & consistent ROI with your dedicated budget & team in order to drive stellar software adoption and convert existing users into premium ones.


You are in charge of every aspect of CrowdSec’s marketing: Acquisition strategy, digital, communications, content strategy, automation, influencer strategy but also online & offline events.

You specifically excel at digital marketing and marketing automation.

You recruit your team, drive its motivation, wellness, efforts and successes. You understand the strategy and partake into it, bringing new elements to the table to reach our goals faster or in a more efficient way.

You report to the CEO with efficient KPIs and detailed action plans.


As of today, technical content creation is mainly handled by the CEO (who will still commit to produce some overtime). The lnternational Marketing Manager deals with all marketing tasks.

Mid-2022, the team should reach 8 people, including two “inbound sales” (channel & account manager) and the yearly budget (wages excluded) will be pretty significant.

What we are up to

We aim to rebalance the global game of cybersecurity through a collaborative approach.

Who we are

CrowdSec is a well-financed, human-sized team of experts in cybersecurity. Most of the team works remotely since day 1. Our software is used in a little less than 100 countries worldwide by thousands of users and we intend to get millions of them. By providing collaborative security tools, we will protect everyone. We are animated by a mission: making the Internet a safer place, all together.

What you get

Good wages, stock options, an eye opening, behind-the-curtain, adventure in the field of cyber security, experience sharing with repeat entrepreneurs and a job with a greater purpose. Good chances you could be part of an industry-defining adventure, in its early days.

The role at a glance

At CrowdSec, our priority is to deliver great, robust, and versatile open source software to offer digital protection to the greatest number. Our community is our greatest strength and by growing it, we will outnumber hackers. Eager to tackle the biggest challenge of this decade?

Our mission is to deter opportunist and organized Cybercrime, through an Internet scale, real-time, security network. This network is powered by thousands of users, sharing with one another the aggression they blocked with our open-source software. By coupling this local behavior analysis and sharing its findings within our community, we create a giant hacker interferometer, a large scale reputation system, a Crowd Sourced Cyber Threat Intelligence of unprecedented magnitude, that will counter the vast majority of technical hacks. 

Success is only possible if CrowdSec reaches a threshold of 100K users by July 2022, and a million users in 2025. By definition, our market is a winner takes all one and speed is the essence. 

As the CMO, expanding our user base and converting them into using our premium product are your only priorities. Everyone else in the company works towards the same goal, but you prolong our efforts through efficient communications, inbound marketing and organized efforts. CrowdSec won’t hire a Sales director or manager and do not intend to have any outbound activities. The obvious collateral is that inbound marketing is of the utmost importance. This C-suite role is the last one that will be created in the company and is as vital as the three others (CEO/CTO/COO). You are directly interested in the business through Stock options.

Love for (or at least interest in) open-source and cybersecurity is strongly advised mandatory! Playful enough? Want to deep dive in Cybersecurity and change the balance of the cyberwar? Want to join an A-team?

Apply by sending your CV (mandatory) and cover letter (optional) by clicking here.