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Welcome to CrowdSec user and developer documentations. Crowdsec is the leading crowd based dynamic firewall, the only one leveraging both Crowd wisdom and behavior detection. Here, you will find useful information about how CrowdSec can help you reduce hacking risks through several practical guides.

User documentation

CrowdSec gives you complete control over how bad (or suspicious) IP addresses are handled on your server, app, daemon, IoT object or website, raising the bar ten fold for hackers.

In this user documentation, you’ll find all the explanations on how to get the most out of CrowdSec: rules creation, statistics and logs analysis, data retention, etc.

Developers documentation

This section covers technical aspects for developers. You will learn how to handle the agent, how to troubleshoot or develop, blockers, collectors & scenario and how to interact with the API.

Knowledge base

This section of the documentation covers more general topics and shares good practices about blocking IP addresses, collecting and sending logs.

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