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Enable everyone to access free security to protect their IT assets. Raise awareness. Build communities.

If you are here, you are willing to help us take IT security to the next level. If you accept your mission, you will teach, preach and show others how CrowdSec can protect them so they can form a global, worldwide defense system. You will be speaking in our name, feed us back with your findings & ideas, develop businesses around the solution, produce content or give talks. We will back you, reward you, put you forward and support you in as many ways as we can. With great power comes great responsibility and you are a pillar of our growth strategy.

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Be by our side

  • Have direct access to the CrowdSec team and resources
  • Join regular ambassador & community meetings (on and offline)
  • Influence the roadmap of the company
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Gain visibility

  • Be the CrowdSec focal point in your region
  • Represent CrowdSec at conferences across the globe
  • Write posts for our blog
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Get rewarded

  • Generate and receive opportunities for your own businesses
  • Be incentivized based on results
  • Participate to the “best ambassador of the year” (we promise really cool stuff)
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What it implies

  • Actively engage your communities by promoting CrowdSec stories and content
  • Connect potential users, influencers, contributors and interested parties with the company
  • Participate in community activities and events
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